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Is there a homebrew formula for Play 2.1 RC2? I've been tried searching on google, but no luck. Thanks!


I think I got it. I found the formula for RC1, and modified it to create one for RC2. I'm testing it right now. Here're the contents of play.rb I create on my local machine.

# Recipe for play-2.1-RC2

require 'formula'

class Play < Formula
  homepage ''
  url ''
  sha1 'cd25571250b753cec81e916059025465e541637d'
  version '2.1-RC2'

  def install
    rm Dir['*.bat'] # remove windows' bat files
    libexec.install Dir['*']
    inreplace libexec+"play" do |s|
      s.gsub! "$dir/", "$dir/../libexec/"
      s.gsub! "dir=`dirname $PRG`", "dir=`dirname $0` && dir=$dir/`dirname $PRG`"
    bin.install_symlink libexec+'play'


I've created a public gist for the above file. So, here's the final command you can use to install Play 2.1 RC2:

brew install

You may need to unlink the previously installed version of Play, using:

brew unlink play


As of today (2/3/2013), brew command suggested by Faruk is still installing RC2, and I wanted RC4. So here's the command to install Play 2.1 RC4.

brew install
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You can use the following command:

brew install --devel play

This will install the development version (which is play-2.1-RC2 as for now) instead of the stable version.

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Thanks Faruk! I'm feeling so dumb now, having gone through all this pain of creating an independent formula file! Having said that, I think the gist I created will help someone trying to install RC2 specifically. Let me try your suggestion. :) – Digitrance Jan 20 '13 at 15:45
When I do that command it just says "Error: play-2.0.4 already installed". Not quite sure why. – skcin7 Feb 17 '13 at 23:48

You can check latest version by:

$ brew update
$ brew info play

Or go to the formula file
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