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I have a set of data that is displayed in this format:

total question,Hint count,Right question Count

These are integers which are separated by a ':'.


How can I read the text-file so that it picks out the '02' from the data and displays it?

I have written a basic program that only reads the text-file and displays it in a jTextField but I am finding it difficult to get information to help me do this.

In the end if I had these set of data,


I will extract 07, 03, 06, 02 from the data respectively.

Any input will be good and if anyone has on-line resources and tutorials, I will also be happy to have a look for myself.

Thanks in advance

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You could use the readLine method and then on the String representing your line use split method with the ":" delimiter. Then it should be trivial for you to work out...

(If you never heard of bufferedreader please read the class description in the first link I provided.)

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You will probably want to use the string manipulation methods in String. In particular check out String.split using : as a delimiter.

You could also look into using more advanced regex's, see Pattern for more information. However, in this case, split should work fine.

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The example of using readLine and split:

BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream("yourFile.txt")));

String text;
while((text = reader.readLine()) != null) {
    String [] parts = text.split(":");
    // now `parts` array will contain your data
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