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I am trying to update a row in Mongo DB . I have a collection named users


{ "_id" : ObjectId("50e2efe968caee13be412413"), "username" : "sss", "age" : 32 }

I am trying to update the row with the username as Erinamodobo and modify the age to 55

I have tried the below way , but its not working .

db.users.update({ "_id": "50e2efe968caee13be412413" }, { $set: { "username": "Erinamodobo" } });

Please let me know where i am making the mistake ??

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Pass in the _id as an ObjectId if you're using the mongo shell, otherwise, it won't find the existing user.

db.users.update({"_id": ObjectId("50e2efe968caee13be412413")},
     { "$set" :
          { "username": "Erinamodobo", "age" : "55" }})
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This is i was looking for . – Preethi Jain Jan 20 '13 at 16:33

With this query you are updating the name itself.

Notice that the syntax of an update is the following:

 db.COLLECTION.update( {query}, {update}, {options} )

where query selects the record to update and update specify the value of the field to update.

So, in your case the correct command is:

 db.users.update({ "name": "Erinamodobo" }, { $set: { "age": 55 } });

However, I suggets you to read the mongodb documentation, is very well written (http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/applications/update/)

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(I added an answer based on the _id as I didn't understand your answer.) Now I see it: Your update command would have worked if the query portion had matched his original data. It would have needed to be {"username" : "sss"}, although that of course would have matched all usernames with sss as their value (which may have not been desired). – WiredPrairie Jan 20 '13 at 16:37
thats okay i modified that , and thanks very much for the concern shown – Preethi Jain Jan 20 '13 at 17:13

As an extension to @WiredPrairie, even though he states the right answer he doesn't really explain.

The OjbectId is not a string, it is actually a Object so to search by that Object you must supply an Ojbect of the same type, i.e. here an ObjectId:

db.users.update({ "_id": ObjectId("50e2efe968caee13be412413") }, { $set: { "username": "Erinamodobo" } });

The same goes for any specific BSON type you use from Date to NumberLong you will need to wrap the parameters in Objects of the type.

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