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I run this query


I get this message

Your SQL query has been executed successfully ( Query took 0.1471 sec )

But when I try to access the newly created table using

SELECT * FROM usercount

I get this error

#1146 - Table 'abc_site.usercount' doesn't exist

Not sure why, I need to mention that I've did a good share of googling beforehand.

My version of PHPMyAdmin is and MySQL 5.5.27

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2 Answers

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PHPMyAdmin (or rather PHP) closes the database connection after each screen. Thus your temporary tables disappear.

You can put multiple SQL statements in the SQL query box in PHPMyAdmin; this should be executed as one block and thus the temporary table is not deleted.

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makes sense, i should test my code differently then –  cristi _b Jan 20 '13 at 16:52
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Temporary tables are temparar and after use thay Delete. for example ,when insert data into database , first we can insert into temp table and thus when complete transaction , then insert into main table.

EXAMPLE : //------------------------------------------ CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE TEMP ( USERNAME VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, PASSWORD VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, EMAIL varchar(100), TYPE_USER INT ); INSERT INTO TEMP VALUES('A','A','A','1'); SELECT * FROM TEMP //----------------------------------------- Show A,A,A,1

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