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Updated:1/27/2013 After some research I found out that I need to do a http get .. I am using graph apis . I am using the below url . How ever each time I am getting a bad request? https://graph.facebook.com/1021259526/statuses&limit=20&access_token=AAAFM2GZAUaXQBAIlkFVUKxZCXs2rbZCuyoHy0n1jKucWuA8QorbdOLzJ7Wr3TUUBMrcZB6j008RjnOtwWnNJTcmzWSXZAjKeFz

I have assumed access token to be for user access token which I get every time a user logs in.

Is there any thin I am doing wrong?

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I am now able to get the json data .. For any one who gets stuck here I suggest you guys to use fiddler traces to capture the https traffic an duse that url in your app.... So my mistake here was https://graph.facebook.com/1021259526/statuses?method=GET&format=json&access_token="wahtever is teh access token" ....

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