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here's a demo table

<table id="table1">
<td><label>name</label><input type="text" id= "name1"/></td>
<td><label>age</label><input type="text" id= "age1"/></td>
<td><input type="button" id= "addRow"style="background-image:url("images/addicon.png");"/></td>

and jquery code m trying is

 $("#addRow").live("click", function (e, index) {
 var val = ("#table1 tr").length();
    $('#table1  tbody > tr:last').after('<tr><td><label>name</label><input type="text" id= "name"'+val+'/></td><td><label>age</label><input type="text" id= "age"'+val+'/></td><td><input type="button" id= "addRow"style="background-image:url("images/addicon.png");"/></td><td><input type=button  id="deleteRow" style="background-image:url("images/removeicon.png");"></td>');

Now problem comes when somebody add a row 2 times and delete a row i.e val will be name2, name3 suppose name2 is deleted then again adding row no. of rows is 2 so val++ result in 3 and new row will have name3 as id, this is creating problem for me. What actually i want is, I should maintain the row count 1 2 3 ... like this irrespective what row is deleted. Can anyone help me out with this, I have gone through loads of tutorial but none of them have maintained a uniform rowcount that's y i have put up this question.

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You can use input names like name[] to have an array of values in the form. This is easier than using things like name1, name2, etc. If your concern is the labels, you can wrap an input in a label and skip the for, like so:

<label>String: <input></label>

Clicking String: focuses the input.

If you want to stick with what you have, just store val one scope outside of .click and increment it every time. Don't rely on the length.

By the way, you should also switch from .live to .on assuming it's available.

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hi, m new to website designing, can u help me with how to create array like name[] ur talking and automatically getting unique id's i tried giving name[] but when i add a new row it'll display id of every element as name[], the condition is to have unique id is must for me, approach can be any.. – virender Jan 20 '13 at 17:38
@virender just write it as <input name="name[]">. Why do you need an id for every input? – Explosion Pills Jan 20 '13 at 17:52
there's a component m using which rely on id of the input, this is just a demo table but in actual the unique id condtion is must, if 2 id are same then wrong data gets filled. – virender Jan 20 '13 at 18:17
@virender I wasn't suggesting that the IDs be the same, I was suggesting leaving off the IDs. If you absolutely need them, just store val in a different scope – Explosion Pills Jan 20 '13 at 19:01
that worked man Thanks.. but still m confused if i'm asked to keep the naming uniform then what'll i do, anyways for now it's resolved – virender Jan 22 '13 at 16:14

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