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I'm trying to implement a simple scene graph on iOS using GLKit but handling origin/anchor points is giving me fits. The requirements are pretty straightforward:

  • There is a graph of nodes each with translation, rotation, scale and origin point.
  • Each node combines the properties above into a single matrix (which is multiplied by it's parent's matrix if it has a parent).
  • Nodes need to honor their parent's coordinate system, including the origin point (i.e. barring translations, etc. a child's origin should line up with the parent's origin)

So the question is:

What operations (e.g. translationMatrix * rotationMatrix * scaleMatrix, etc.) need to be performed and in what order so as to achieve the proper handling of origin/anchor points?

P.S. - If you are kind enough to post an answer please mention whether your answer is based on column or row major matrices - that's a perennial source of confusion for me.

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