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I have two reports. First reports selects a report type from a dropdownbox and accepts from/to dates and when click on the view report - lists customer names for this report type. When you click on the customername, the 2nd report is called ( action) passing 3 parameters - customername, datefrom and dateto as parameters to be used in the 2nd report.

When I run report 1, and report 2 induvidually, both runs ok. When I run the 1st report ( select report type, select datefrom/dateto ), this repor list al customer names for this report type. When I click on the customername, I am getting an error

'The value provided for the report parameter 'reportdatefrom' is not valid for its type' (rsReportParameterTypeMismatch)

Please help

Thanks Tissa

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Use something like format(Parameters!reportdatefrom.Value,"YYYYMMDD") to force the value into a canonical string before passing it to the subreport.

SSRS sometimes has issues w/ date times. The URL addressability means that all parameter values get converted to strings anyhow, but default conversion rules can run differ between components. One component will generate a date time literal that another component can't read. Usually this is due to non-US regional settings.

Anyhow, to get around this, just convert dates to string literals in ODBC canonical form before passing them around.

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String expression should be in the right format: format(Parameters!reportdatefrom.Value,"yyyyMMdd") (notice lower case for year and day). Had similar problem and following expression worked in my report: =Format(Parameters!reportdatefrom.Value, "dd/MM/yyyy") –  Pavel Nefyodov Sep 18 '14 at 11:15

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