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I try to instance new page and get the object on that page (for example LongListSelector) by the name.

But when I do

        var currentPage = (PhoneApplicationPage)((PhoneApplicationFrame)App.Current.RootVisual).Content;
        currentPage.NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri(pageUri, UriKind.Relative));

I can't get the instance of new page. The second calling of var currentPage = (PhoneApplicationPage)((PhoneApplicationFrame)App.Current.RootVisual).Content gets me the same currentPage.

How can I access the instance of new page and items on it? I need it to implement custom item selector. When tapping on the list item_header from page1 the page2 is showing, where I can chose the right item_kind and navigate back to list1.

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What you are actually looking for is passing data between pages or having a ViewModel that can be accessed from different pages and share data between them. Please have a look at the answer for that question here

It describes the different ways of sharing data between pages.

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Done it with saving page instance in OnNavigateTo event into a global array.

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