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I'm making a blog from scratch in PHP + MySQL, where I will sometimes post lines of PHP codes for tutorials and so on... So, I installed the GeSHi class in my project. But since I will write my blogs/articles in normal text format, I will write up some tutorials like:

Here is some PHP code:
echo 'Hello World!';

And this will be stored on my MySQL DB in TEXT format, so how can I set PHP to recognize code's and use the GeSHi class to parse it?

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Yo can do that by simple regular replace:

function code($match) {
    $geshi = new GeSHi($match[2], $match[1]);
    return $geshi->parse_code();
$html = preg_replace_callback('~\[code=(.+?)\](.+?)\[\/code\]~is', 'code', $text);
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There are two ways :

Simplest but worse :

    $geshi = new GeShi($matches[1]);
     return $geshi->parse($matches[2]);
 $text    );

Little Harder but quite efficient and addaptive :


$bbcodeContainer = bbcode_create(array(
''=>         array('type'=>BBCODE_TYPE_ROOT,  'childs'=>'!i'),
'i'=>        array('type'=>BBCODE_TYPE_NOARG, 'open_tag'=>'<i>',
                'close_tag'=>'</i>', 'childs'=>'b'),
'url'=>      array('type'=>BBCODE_TYPE_OPTARG,
                'open_tag'=>'<a href="{PARAM}">', 'close_tag'=>'</a>',
'img'=>      array('type'=>BBCODE_TYPE_NOARG,
                'open_tag'=>'<img src="', 'close_tag'=>'" />',
'b'=>        array('type'=>BBCODE_TYPE_NOARG, 'open_tag'=>'<b>',

         'open_tag'=>'<div class="code">','close_tag'=>'</div>',
                $geshi = new GeShi($params[0]);
                return $geshi->parse($content);   
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