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in C i want to redirect the output of a process from stdout to write to a "shared memory segment" which can be thought of as a char array or a string with a pointer
i know that there is dup2 but it takes file discriptors as argument not a pointer to an array. is there any way to redirect it to a string?

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char string[SIZE];
freopen("/dev/null", "a", stdout);
setbuf(stdout, string);

see freopen and setbuf for their definitions

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Note that the buffer size MUST be exactly BUFSIZ in bytes! If it's smaller, you'll have a buffer overflow vulnerability, and if it's larger, it will never be used. This solution will not work if you want to buffer more than BUFSIZ bytes. –  CyberShadow Apr 24 '14 at 13:23
how to undo this ? Is it need to undo it ? –  kangear Jan 18 at 7:12

You could write to a pipe, and read from it into shared memory (that is, if you can't use the pipe instead of the string in shared memory).

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i have two different processes (not a child and a parent) so i cant do pipe between them. right? –  CS student Jan 20 '13 at 21:04

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