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So I have thread A that is events initiator (network/gui). I have an Engine in thread B which runs in some run() function and updates on update() call. I wonder how to implement events on top of such structure. problem here is I get something like

  • a mutex per event
  • a vector per event
  • 2 functions per event - one to fill vector one by one item, one to empty it and insert new data into engine.

so I have pseudocode like this for each event:

boost::mutex SomeEventMutex;
std::vector< T > SomeEventFrameData;
void ThreadASendsSomeEvent(T data)
    boost::mutex::scoped_lock lock(SomeEventMutex);

void ParseIncomeDartaFromSomeEvent()
    boost::mutex::scoped_lock lock(SomeEventMutex);
    BOOST_FOREACH(T dataItem, SomeEventFrameData)
        // here can be some more complex operation with given data

void run()
        // for each event type
        //Engine Update

that looks so bad... I wonder if there are common solution for such problems? futher more I do not get how to make this event into object/class not making its creation and setup even more messier...(

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