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I am using selenium webdriver to do some automation on browser. now there is a need to get the current url of the page currently opened in the browser.

I wrote the below code but giving me error:

element = driver.find_element :name => "btnSearch"

all_table_data = driver.find_elements(:tag_name, "td")

 all_table_data.each do |td|

   puts td.text


 print driver.get_url

But it is giving me an error:

filedownload.rb:30:in `<main>': undefined method `get_url' for #<Selenium::WebDr
iver::Driver:0x4292df26 browser=:firefox> (NoMethodError)

Can anyone help me here to fix it?

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Try driver.current_url instead of get_url.!topic/selenium-users/zzP5IDgxP5A

Documentation for the Selenium::WebDriver::Driver class:

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+1 to you. Could you please look into here? This is not answered properly.If you gave any good suggestions,then it would be helpful for me also. – DoLoveSky Jan 20 '13 at 21:14

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