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I am thinking about an application which will use HTTP to transfer blocks of numbers with data types like "network-endian, signed 32-bit integer" or "ieee binary64,network-endian" etc. For this application I (probably) want to put this type info in the HTTP headers rather than the message body.

This seems to be a job for Content-Type header, but I know of no standard MIME types for this sort of thing. Are there any? If not, what is the best option? Invent a content-type? Invent a new HTTP header? Put it in the message body after all?

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Sounds to me like "put it in the body after all". The body can easily be a format of your own without messing with and/or overriding the HTTP headers. Let HTTP take care of itself and use the body for your own data. The body can easily have a headers-and-body format of its own; so you'd send HTTP headers, followed by an empty line and your own headers, followed by your data. –  tripleee Jan 21 '13 at 17:28

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If it's a header, the field name of the header defines its content, not the Content-Type; they should be completely separable. I.e., a Content-Type that has a particular relationship to / requirement for a header is a protocol design smell.

I'd put it in the message body and mint a new media type -- but only after having a really long, hard look at the current options, of which there are many. Formats are hard.

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Can you clarify your first paragraph? I want meta-data to describe what type of information is in the body. That is exactly what Content-Type is for. Even if I shouldn't use it for other reasons. On the other hand, I am very reluctant to to "mint a new media type", because my actual goal is to invent a simple network protocol (in this application transferring numbers is essential; transport over HTTP is gravy). –  Adrian Ratnapala Jan 26 '13 at 8:19
I read your question as wanting to put the data in the headers, not the body. If you want to put the data in the body, have a look at JSON, BSON, Thrift, ProtoBuffers, etc. etc. etc. –  Mark Nottingham Feb 4 '13 at 4:53

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