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This is really simple question but rarely use regex's so I apologize. I am writing a simple view helper for some simple UBBcodes

I want t o be able to call:

<%=arc_format "[quote]hello  you from me[\quote]" %>

and have it return:

<div class='start-quote'>
  hello you from me

my helper:

def arc_format str
 str=str.gsub(/\[quote\]/,'<div class="start-quote">') # works but adds in second quote; seems to hit off second isntance

the output is

<div class='start-quote'>
 hello you from me
<div class='start-quote'>

How do I get that second regex from not replacing?

thx in advance

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The backslash is not being carried over. Try:

> string = "[quote]hello  you from me[\quote]"

> puts string
[quote]hello  you from me[quote]

Should be:

> string = "[quote]hello  you from me[\\quote]"

> puts string
[quote]hello  you from me[\quote]

Is it supposed to be [\quote]? I would have thought [/quote] makes more sense.

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sorry, been one of those mornings, you're right regarding ending slash – timpone Jan 20 '13 at 21:34
Simple mistakes. We all make 'em. – Damien Roche Jan 20 '13 at 21:35

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