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Can someone help me with my batch. I'm trying to have an escape at the beginning of my batch but it's not working. I'm sure it's simple but I'm not a regular user of this type of programming.

@echo off
set usr_out=y
set /p usr_out=Press [N] to cancel:

if NOT %usr_out% == Y goto myend
if NOT %usr_out% == y goto myend

echo in


echo out

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to detail that the code above only goes to the echo out line when I don't enter a value.

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You set the default value of %usr_out% to a lowercase y:

set usr_out=y

But then check if the variable is unequal to an uppercase Y:

if NOT %usr_out% == Y goto myend

Since y and Y are indeed unequal, your script correctly jumps to :myend at this point.

You need to fix your logic here. If you want to skip over a code block when all of a given number of conditions are not met you have to use something like this in batch:

if "%usr_out%"=="y" goto continue
if "%usr_out%"=="Y" goto continue
goto myend

However, in your particular case you can use a simpler approach, because you only need a case-insensitive check for one single letter:

if /i not "%usr_out%"=="y" goto myend

On a different note: instead of a plain exit I'd recommend using either goto :eof (jump to the end of the script) or exit /b (exit the batch script without terminating cmd.exe). Otherwise running the script manually in a command prompt might inadvertently terminate the command prompt window.

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Thank you for the quick response. I didn't know about the case-insensitive option, such a silly error. Also I appreciate your last paragraph. – glh Jan 20 '13 at 23:31

simply the problem is that you take spaces between "==" and other command or words like :

if NOT %usr_out% == Y goto myend

but you must use this :

if NOT %usr_out%==Y goto myend
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