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I'm trying to emulate a tag on the PN532, i need to handle the read/writes using the host controller to interface with a device that only support tags in its API, no LLCP or other P2P protocol.

Well, any emulated tag is OK (Mifare, Felica, etc) but my solution does not include a secure element so i think that i have a few to choose from.

I'm thinking in the Mifare Ultralight, as it does not include any encryption (Just plain read and writes) it may be possible to emulate easily than any other?

In short: Is possible to emulate a tag that can reply to read/write commands from an Initiator without using a secure IC on the PN532?

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A secure IC will not help you very much in emulating tags, because they usually work at ISO14443 level 4, where tags only process 14443-3 commands. The only exception is mifare which is supported on some secure elements, but some secret keys will be needed to program them.

Generally speaking most NFC chips support tag emulation but do not expose this with APIs. It might be worth digging through the libnfc-nxp or libnfc-nci source code to see if they can be used to do this.

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