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Night guys. I just decided to learn a little batch but I can´t find good material on internet. All I find is related to hacking or not well explicated or something like that =S

So to do something useful I decided to create a script to organize my musics. They are all in this format:

Band (Album) - TrackNumber - TrackName

I want my script to create a folder with the band name and inside it the folder the albuns names. So I need to play with the filename but I dont know how to use the FINDSTR or any other method to get the string before the ´(´ and between the parentesis. How can I do that?

And if you guys have some good material to introduce me to the batch I would thank you too.

Thanks in advance.

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is this Band (Album) - TrackNumber - TrackName the file name or it's a tag inside the mp3? – npocmaka Jan 21 '13 at 9:43
The filename. Like Band (Album) - TrackNumber - TrackName.mp3 – João Menighin Jan 21 '13 at 14:15
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Here are some great resources to get you going:

Technet \ DosTips \ SS64 \ Rob van de Woude \ ComputerHope

Here is an example of how to parse the string you listed. Note that this example WILL NOT WORK if there are spaces within the band, album, or trackname.

for /f "delims=()- " %%A in ("Band (Album) - TrackNumber - TrackName") do (
    echo Band = "%%~A"
    echo Album = "%%~B"
    echo TrackNumber = "%%~C"
    echo TrackName = "%%~D"


Band = "Band"
Album = "Album"
TrackNumber = "TrackNumber"
TrackName = "TrackName"

However, this example will work with spaces by not using them as a delimiter. Unfortunately this means that the spaces will not be trimmed from the results.

for /f "delims=()-" %%A in ("Band Name (Album) - Track Number - Track Name") do (
    echo Band = "%%~A"
    echo Album = "%%~B"
    echo TrackNumber = "%%~C"
    echo TrackName = "%%~D"


Band = "Band Name "
Album = "Album"
TrackNumber = " Track Number "
TrackName = " Track Name"

The spaces can be trimmed from the strings, but I will let you learn that technique :) Hint, see the links above.

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Thanks , I will read =) – João Menighin Jan 21 '13 at 14:16
Thank you so much. I guess I can take it from here. Thanks for the explanation and the links, I will check it =) – João Menighin Jan 21 '13 at 21:07

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