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I'd like to use this scope in controller.
How can I add to this line? I couldn't just put .recent anywhere in the line.... Now I can ignore order: 'updated_at DESC' I just left that just in case.

User controller

@users = User.find_by_username(params[:id]).all_following(order: 'updated_at DESC')

User model

scope :recent, lambda { |n = 10| order("last_active_at DESC").limit(n) }
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What is it that you are trying to achieve? –  Charles Jan 20 '13 at 23:49
@Charles Thanks for a comment. recent scope constrain User records into the 10 latest Users. I'd like to fetch 10 users whom I'm following. and It has to be ordered by the column called last_active_at –  Foo Jan 20 '13 at 23:51

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Just write

@users = User.find_by_username(params[:id]).all_following.recent

in your controller. This should give you the recent users you're following. The beauty of scopes is that you can concatenate them (in this case all_following and recent).

By the way, I doubt that finding a username with an id makes sense. You will either need to say User.find(params[:id]).all_following.recent or User.find_by_username(params[:username]).all_following.recent, in case you have the user name in the params hash.

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It gives back undefined method recent'` This have to be fine since I'm using this method in the other action –  Foo Jan 20 '13 at 23:59

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