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I'm running some tests via TAP::Harness and now I'm trying to get all the individual results from the TAP parser. What I do is first run the tests:

my $harness = TAP::Harness->new( { verbosity => 1, lib => [ 'blib/lib' ] } );
my $aggregator = $harness->runtests( @tests );

This works great. Then I try to get the results out as per the TAP::Parser documentation:

my @results;

my @parsers = $aggregator->parsers;
foreach my $prsr( @parsers ) { 
    while( my $result = $prsr->next ) { 
        push @results, { type => $result->type,
                         ok   => $result->ok,
                         text => $result->as_string };

However, this results in @results being an empty array.

If I Dumper the individual Parser objects, I can see that they have parsed the test results successfully:

  bless( {
           'tests_run' => 5,
           'actual_passed' => [

I can't figure out how to get the test results out of the object.

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Well, I was able to get what I wanted by constructing the individual parsers manually and running them.

    foreach my $test( @tests ) { 
        my @test_results;
        my $parser = TAP::Parser->new( { source => $test } );
        while( my $result = $parser->next ) { 
            push @test_results, 
              { text => $result->as_string,

Then I suppose I can do the aggregation manually, though I'm still hoping there's a way to get the aggregated results and the actual TAP data from a single TAP::Harness instance. I haven't been able to figure that out, though.

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