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I'm currently using the follow code to perform in inorder traversal of a BST. My problem is getting all calculations to stop once the kth smallest is reached.

My problem is with the following function

public function _kthSmallest($node, $k){        

    if($node->left != NULL){
        $this->_kthSmallest($node->left, $k);
    echo $node->data . ' ';
    echo self::$counter . "<br/>";

    if(self::$counter >= $k){
        return $node->data;

    if($node->right != NULL){

        $this->_kthSmallest($node->right, $k);

If I uncomment this code I run into problems because the root node always gets printed.

if(self::$counter >= $k){
    return $node->data;

Any ideas of how can stop after I reach the kth smallest? Currently the function continues through the entire BST.

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This is procedural code. Why was it tagged as OOP? – tereško Jan 21 '13 at 11:57
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Return if self::$counter > $k.

Actually, you shouldn't get to that state.

Since your function seems intended to return a node, what you would do is return NULL if the count is smaller.

If the count is equal, you would return the current node. And if a recursion returned a non-NULL, you would immediately return that same value.

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My bad about self::$counter > $k, however even after I made that change the problem is still occurring. I've appropriately changed the link to codepad as well as the sample code I included in my original post. Can you provide an updated link to codepad? – user784637 Jan 21 '13 at 2:26

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