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I implemented a Section List View following instruction from https://nodeload.github.com/necronet/section-list/zip/master. Everything working fine, but just out of curiosity, I want to know how Android OS give me correct convertView in the getView function of the Adapter (code below). There are two types of views (two different layout files), one SectionView and ItemView. Imagine a situation, when a fist section and an item are scrolled out of the screen, so there are two views that are in the View Recycler. Then a new view is about to be scrolled in from the bottom. In the getView function, I have to check the position, by the function isSection, to determine what view should I give at that position. The amazing thing is that Android OS (or whatever underlying) always give me the correct convertView (among the two types of views in the Recycler) to recycle, how does it know before I even check? Thanks.

 public View getView(final int position, final View convertView,
                        final ViewGroup parent) {
        if (isSection(position)) {
            return getSectionView(convertView, sectionPositions.get(position));
        return getItemView(getLinkedPosition(position), convertView,
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You're always working with the position, so I don't think there is any black magic being done. – A--C Jan 21 '13 at 2:50
Can you elaborate more? I can easily break that function using a random, say if rand()>0.5 return getSectionView, else return getItemView – Tung Mai Le Jan 21 '13 at 2:52
(continue from previous comment) so that the convertView doesn't match with the View I'm gonna render – Tung Mai Le Jan 21 '13 at 2:53
@cplain has a good answer. To elaborate, when you do rand()>0.5 and then based on that call one of the getView() methods, you're potentially passing off the wrong recycled view. Since ahead of time, the "proper" convertView was chosen, you break the adapter. – A--C Jan 21 '13 at 3:08
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This is my understanding of how getView works in an adapter:

This will return what 'type' of view the particular item in the list is - and thus use the correct convertView in getView()

public int getItemViewType(int position) {
    return 0;

And this returns how many different types of views there are:

public int getViewTypeCount() {
    return 0;

Of course these don't return 0 in proper code.

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Yes, I checked the code, the original author did implement those 2 fucntions, tks you and @A--C – Tung Mai Le Jan 21 '13 at 3:22
Might be helpful to s/o: @Override public int getItemViewType(final int position) { if (isSection(position)) { return viewTypeCount - 1; }else return viewTypeCount -2; } – Tung Mai Le Jan 21 '13 at 3:25

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