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If I have a simple matrix

A = [1 3 ; 4 3 ; 6 12]

And then go

A(:,3) = (A(:,1)+A(:,2))

then every element in column 3 will contain the sum of its counterparts in columns 1 and 2.

However, when I go

A(:,3) = (A(:,1)/A(:,2))

I get an error message Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch. Google searches did not reveal an enlightening explanation of this error message. Can anyone here help?

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A(:,3) = (A(:,1)/A(:,2)) is actually doing a matrix division.

I'm guessing you want to the divide corresponding elements of the vectors. In this case you need to add a dot to the division. So the code you want would read...

A(:,3) = (A(:,1)./A(:,2))

See for a pretty good explanation.

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