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Following doc from:

I'm confused about the purpose of sph_counter Is it used to identify an index table, so if I were to use a second index with delta the sph_counter for it would simply be 2?

Main source becomes?

sql_query_pre = REPLACE INTO sph_counter SELECT 2, MAX(id) FROM table_2

Delta source becomes?

sql_query = SELECT id, title, body FROM table_2 \
        WHERE id>( SELECT max_doc_id FROM sph_counter WHERE counter_id=2

Thank you,that is all.

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Exactly. The first column of the table sph_counter is a counter identifier. You could also define it as a varchar column and store the table name into it.

In your case, the value doesn't have to be 2 - it can be any value you want, as long as it is different for each table.

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You're too late buddy I've already answer my question with EMPIRICAL data – amiawizard Jan 21 '13 at 14:38
just kidding here's an upvote – amiawizard Jan 21 '13 at 14:39

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