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I find

Prelude> :i ()
data () = ()    -- Defined in `GHC.Tuple'
instance Bounded () -- Defined in `GHC.Enum'
instance Enum () -- Defined in `GHC.Enum'
instance Eq () -- Defined in `GHC.Classes'
instance Ord () -- Defined in `GHC.Classes'
instance Read () -- Defined in `GHC.Read'
instance Show () -- Defined in `GHC.Show'

So,that mean () is an instance of Enum, and should have implemented the succ function. However, when I tried succ (),I got *** Exception: Prelude.Enum.().succ: bad argument

I searched the source code of GHC.Tuple where the type of () should be defined but GHC.Tuple

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The succ function is only defined for arguments which have a successor.

Prelude> succ False
Prelude> succ True
*** Exception: Prelude.Enum.Bool.succ: bad argument

Prelude> succ 0
Prelude> succ 1
Prelude> succ ((2^63 - 1) :: Int)
*** Exception: Prelude.Enum.succ{Int}: tried to take `succ' of maxBound

Prelude> succ ()
*** Exception: Prelude.Enum.().succ: bad argument

So the answer is: the function is implemented, it just (correctly) returns an error, always.

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This is because the Enum typeclass is antiquated and does not follow modern best practices. Partial functions are bad. – Philip JF Jan 21 '13 at 6:24
@PhilipJF: I'll have to disagree there. Partial functions are a fact of life -- the type system is simply not powerful enough to allow us to express certain functions as total functions without jumping through hoops. – Dietrich Epp Jan 21 '13 at 8:30
I wouldn't call using Maybe jumping through hoops. Modern best practices would give succ and pred the type a -> Maybe a, and add partial versions with longer names. – Sjoerd Visscher Jan 21 '13 at 12:47
Accepting that, e.g., division on Int is a partial function is one thing, making functions partial for no good reason is another. The Enum instance for () is just painfully stupid and misguided, even beyond how terrible the Enum class itself is to begin with. – C. A. McCann Jan 21 '13 at 17:28

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