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I was trying to follow this tutorial on user settings:


I defined a setting whose name was Selected, type int, scope user. In App.xaml, I had:

        <properties:Selected x:Key="Selected"/>

However I got this error message:

"The namespace prefix "properties" is not defined"

I couldn't figure out why...Any suggestions are welcome.

PS. If you could take a look at another question of mine, it would be great! :)

Cannot find source for binding

Edit: Solved!

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What's the rest of App.xaml look like? the error would indicate there is not namespace declaration like xmlns:properties="clr-namespace:SampleApp.Properties" in the Application tag. –  Jim O'Neil Jan 21 '13 at 4:46

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You need to make sure the properties namespace is defined somewhere, as shown in the example you linked:

<Application x:Class="SampleApp.App"
         <properties:Settings x:Key="Settings" />

Notice the line: xmlns:properties="clr-namespace:SampleApp.Properties"

You may need to recompile before this error goes away.

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