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Is there a Test Stripper (as defined in xUnit Test Patterns) available that supports removing classes containing methods tagged as [Fact]s etc. plus the dependency on xunit.dll from binaries [as part of a build process] ?

Further details of the full requirements and context are at this xUnit CodePlex post.

Failing that (something that removes the tests and the reference to the DLL), does anyone have a utility/proven clean approach to removing the xunit.dll dependecy without too much monkeying around in .vcproj files etc.

Open source preferred. A cleanly written one for NUnit might potentially serve as a base.

NB: I'm aware of the negatives of embedding code into assemblies - this question isnt about that (unless you feel after reading the codeplex thread that some key points are being missed).

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If your unit tests are placed in a project resp. assembly of their own there should be no need to strip test classes prior to deployment. What's wrong about this approach?

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Read xunit.codeplex.com/Thread/View.aspx?ThreadId=69022 (In short, you need to make more stuff public and/or conditionally compile in lots of stuff to make stuff visible to the tests) –  Ruben Bartelink Sep 18 '09 at 8:54
And you end up with twice as many projects. It's one of the [misguided, but no less real for that] motivations for MSTest's publicize.exe utility for creating 'Private Accessor' assemblies –  Ruben Bartelink Sep 18 '09 at 8:56
Doesn't InernalsVisibleTo solve this issue? –  Miriam Nov 25 '09 at 23:16
@Miriam: As discussed in the CodePlex post, the key problem with InternalsVisibleTo is how that gets messy with Strong Naming. (And the fact you end up with twice as many projects) –  Ruben Bartelink Nov 26 '09 at 15:15
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As noted in the codeplex post where I specified the requirements, I implemented a basic stripper with Mono.Cecil but ended up leveraging the fact that unused references get optimised out in a release build to 'strip' tests out by excluding them based on a #define, which I control from outside via the MSBuild invocation

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