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I'm working on panel which has four components: a label, a textfield that is uneditable, another label and a JTextArea. These components are aligned vertically one after the other and I am using Box Layout for this panel. What I have noticed is that when I type in the text area component, it shifts the labels character by character till it can't anymore. They labels initially are aligned to the left but as soon as I start typing they start moving to the right. I have tried so many other components but Box Layout seems to do what I want, I just have to fix this error. Any one ideas? This is my panel code:

JPanel Panel = new JPanel();
Panel.setLayout(new BoxLayout(Panel,BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));
Panel.add(new JLabel("just a label here"));
Panel.add(new JLabel("just a label here"));
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JTextArea will "grow" to meet the requirements of the text (as apposed to something like JTextField. To prevent it from effecting the layout of the container, place the JTextArea within a JScrollPane, this will allow it to grow inside the scroll pane. Check out How to use scroll panes for more info –  MadProgrammer Jan 21 '13 at 9:54
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Use another LayoutManager e.g. GridBagLayout or

Place the JLabel in a panel with Horizontal BoxLayout (or BorderLayout) to actieve desired alignment.

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another alternative:

add the textAreaComponent to a JScrollPane (set the scrollPane's alignmentX to 0.0f)

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You should definitely use another Layout. One of my personal favorite is Forms from JGoodies. I've yet to see a Java Swing layout that comes anywhere close.

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