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I have a text file that's thousands of lines long. Every line starts with a string of 8 hex numbers. I need to remove this string on every line. How do I do this in vim?

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Use ^V for block select, highlight your eight columns, and delete as normal.

Or use :s:

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Replace first 8 hex chars (0-9 digits, a-f/A-F letters) on any line with empty string:

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If the line is

12345678 Something else

a total of 9 chars is to be removed from the head of each line, in VIM


should do the trick (9 dots),

  • : to tell vim you want to enter a command
  • 1,$ means the command affects from line 1 to the last (or g global)
  • s means substitute
  • ^ means beginning of line
  • ..... means 5 (any) chars
  • s/^.....// means replace 5 chars at start of line with nothing

edit to match the number of hex chars from the question..

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