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hi i m new to jquery i m using this plugin jquery.tagcanvas.min.js for rotating images i need to know is ti possible to make it same speed all the time some time if u over on image it increases its speed and changes it direction is it possible to make same direction and speed? thanks in advance. this code i use

          textColour: '#ff0000',
          outlineColour: 'transparent',
          reverse: true,
          depth: 0.8,
          maxSpeed: 0.04,
          minSpeed: 0.04,
          initial:  [0.04,0.04],

        },'tags' )) {
          // something went wrong, hide the canvas container
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Use this link http://www.goat1000.com/jquery.tagcanvas.js?2.0

and change MouseMove and MouseOut function

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add option minSpeed: 0.8 or any desired value

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It's not clear how this will help the OP; they already appear to have the option ypu specify in their code. Can you elaborate? –  GHC May 22 '13 at 15:32

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