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I’ve written an Application by using QT 4.8.2. It does dynamically load different plugins to provide multiple functions for the user. Now Qt5 was released and I wanted to convert my project to the newest version.

I got everything to work, except loading the plugin with QPluginLoader->instance(). While using Qt 4.8.2 it worked fine.

->errorString says: “The file ‘…/plugins/nlprod.dll’ is not a valid Qt plugin.”

That’s my code:


//"fileName" contains the name of the .dll

//"a" contains the correct path + name of the .dll
QString a = pluginLoader->fileName();      

//"plugin" is null and success "false"
QObject *plugin = pluginLoader->instance();
bool success = pluginLoader->isLoaded();


class NLPro : public QObject, IConnection
    Q_PLUGIN_METADATA(IID "NLPro" FILE "nlpro.json") // <- New since I've ported to Qt 5

MyPlugin.cpp: I’ve deleted the following:


and I’ve added a .json-file with the following content:

{ "Keys": [ "NLPro"] }

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!


Fixed it:


TARGET = $$qtLibraryTarget(nlpro)

worked properly with Qt 4.8 I had to change it to

TARGET = $$qtLibraryTarget(NLPro)

for Qt 5.0

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