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I have been frustrated with this simple piece of code for quite some time now. I am just about to give up. Pretty much I am trying to make two objects react when they hit together, however I constantly get this error:

    Scene 1, Layer 'hero', Frame 1, Line 27 1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: hit.

Action Script] (http://i.imgur.com/qDAxam6.jpg)![idk Action Script] (http://i.imgur.com/yOPmgSz.jpg)![idk This is the Class file (that I am sure I am doing something wrong in to): Action Script] (http://i.imgur.com/zKTGQGv.jpg)![idk

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After reviewing your code, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. With that said, one or more of the following may be causing your issue:

In File -> ActionScript Settings, you may have a value that is greater than 1 for this field:

enter image description here

Similarly, you may have unchecked this field 'Export in frame 1' when creating your symbol.

enter image description here

If the former, your symbol hit will not be available until your SWF has reached the frame that you entered. If the latter, your symbol hit will not be available until your SWF passes over a frame that you have placed it on.

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The problem is in line:

var hit:hit = new hit();

You have a conflict of class name and instance, rename local variable and use it everywhere:

var hit1:hit = new hit();
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