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I want to know that what is the default session timeout for web applications deployed on Tomcat5.5 ? Is it browser specific?

In my web applications default timeout is not mentioned neither in web.xml or in coding.


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Open tomcat_home/conf/web.xml and find this

  <!-- ==================== Default Session Configuration ================= -->
  <!-- You can set the default session timeout (in minutes) for all newly   -->
  <!-- created sessions by modifying the value below.                       -->


all webapps implicitly inherit from this default web descriptor. You can override session-config as well as other settings defined there in your web.xml.

This is actually from my Tomcat 7 (Windows) but I think 5.5 conf is not very different

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On Ubuntu the web.xml is on /etc/tomcatX –  NeoRamza May 21 '14 at 13:36

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