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I had create a WPF application and i am doing a documentation about it. Inside my documentation, i need to state down the hardware and software requirement for my WPF application. Is that anyway i can check the requirements for the WPF application? Thanks.

About my application:

 Target Framework: .NET Framework 4 client profile    
 Output type : Windows Application
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I am not sure I understand your question 100% but I will try anyway to help you.

When developing with WPF, among other things, the graphics hardware is a very important element.

The level of graphics hardware capability and performance for a device that runs a WPF application is defined by rendering tiers. The MSDN link describes the types of tiers and the minimum graphics hardware.

In short you can get the render tier for the current thread using RenderCapability.Tier.

In code

int renderingTier = (RenderCapability.Tier >> 16);

If you make use of some heavy graphics effects in your WPF application, then it is probably suggested to run it on a system with RenderCapability.Tier > 0.

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