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On windows XP, I can detect event when pushing power button of laptop. Condition to get APMQUERYSUSPEND event is option of [control panel->power option->system setting->when I press the power button->sleep] must be changed to ‘Sleep’.

MainFrm::OnPowerBroadcast(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)


         switch (wParam)


                       case PBT_APMQUERYSUSPEND:

                       // Ask question whether to power off or not

                       // If not, return BROADCAST_QUERY_DENY

                       return BROADCAST_QUERY_DENY;


But from windows 7, I don't have any clue to detect the event. Based on windows 7, APMQUERYSUSPEND event was removed. Even though I tried SetThreadExecutionState API to block turn-off, it dose not work. http://msdn.microsoft.com/ko-kr/library/windows/desktop/aa372716(v=vs.85).aspx

Do you know any idea to catch event when pushing power button?


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According to Microsoft's documentation, it is no longer possible to interrupt a sleep event once it has been initiated. There's a very informative presentation on Windows Vista/7 power control here. There is still a way to capture the sleep button event. I'll be using C# syntax here in my example:

First, call RegisterHotKey(this.Handle, 0, 0x4000, 0x5F) from user32.dll API to hook the sleep key. Then override your program's WndProc method (depending on what language and environment you're using, there are different ways to do that) and listen for the hotkey message 312h. As soon as you receive it, call SetThreadExecutionState(EXECUTION_STATE.ES_AWAYMODE_REQUIRED | EXECUTION_STATE.ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED | EXECUTION_STATE.ES_CONTINUOUS) from kernel32.dll API to prevent Windows from initiating a sleep event. After some time (if you want your system to be able to sleep again), you can call SetThreadExecutionState(EXECUTION_STATE.ES_CONTINUOUS).

Note that SetThreadExecutionState will not have any effect if a sleep procedure has already been initiated, which is why the above is not possible to do for the power button, which cannot be hooked as far as I know (if anyone actually knows of a way to do that, please let me know!). This is also probably why SetThreadExecutionState didn't work for you.

The constants are:

        ES_CONTINUOUS = 0x80000000,
        ES_AWAYMODE_REQUIRED = 0x00000040
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