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Hi I am new to iOS programming.My requirement is to display the google maps in iOS6.That means it displays the total world map.Please check the attached image for clarification.enter image description here

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load it in webview... – Ankit Srivastava Jan 21 '13 at 7:21
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In iOS 6.0 and above you have some options:

  • Use a UIWebView (the google maps rendering 'engine' is not present as before) to load the page

  • Use the Google Maps iOS SDK (Best Option)

  • Use MapBox and use similar topography rendering to google maps

With the official Google Maps iOS SDK you can actually add your own map to your app, so this is your best option. The docs have great detailed info on how to setup!

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Ideal place to start if you want to display maps in iOS is to check out the Location Awareness Programming Guide (Apple's documentation, you will need a free developer account to access it.) This will show you how to use the MapKit framework.

Note that as of iOS 6 Apple uses their own maps back end rather then Google data. If you just want to display a map, Apple's maps should be sufficient.

If you for some reason need to specifically display a map using Google's data, check out their iOS Maps SDK.

This is all assuming that you are working on a native Objective C application, not a Phonegap style or web application.

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Here is the Google Maps SDK for iOS website - But first, you should get an API key here -

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