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I'm using ECSlidingViewController in my application, it contains owns GestureRecognizer that looks like:

[self.view addGestureRecognizer:self.slidingViewController.panGesture];

And it's preventing TableView's scrolling. When I deleted that line scroll works fine. What's wrong with my approach?

Note: TableView is a part of Navigation Controller. And I'm using StoryBoards.

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You need to add the UIGestureRecognizer to the view of the UINavigationController, not the the UITableView.

One way to do this is to create a UINavigationController subclass that handles the creation of both the gesture recognizer and the instantiation of your underLeft (or underRight) view controller for the ECSlidingViewController:

// MyNavigationController.h
@interface MyNavigationController : UINavigationController


// MyNavigationController.m
@implementation MyNavigationController

- (void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated
    [super viewWillAppear:animated];

    if (![self.slidingViewController.underLeftViewController isKindOfClass:[MyLeftMenuViewController class]]) {
        self.slidingViewController.underLeftViewController  = [self.storyboard instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier:@"MenuViewController"];

    [self.view addGestureRecognizer:self.slidingViewController.panGesture];


Open the Storyboard Editor, select the navigation controller and set the Identity Inspector's Custom Class field to MyNavigationController (rather than the default UINavigationController).

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I tried the approaches you suggested,but inserting the gesture recogniser inside a subclass of UINavigationController didn't work. Strangely,placing the theoretically equivalent

[self.navigationController.view addGestureRecognizer:self.slidingViewController.panGesture];

in the TableviewController viewWillAppear: method does the trick instead.

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[self.parentView.view addGestureRecognizer:self.slidingViewController.panGesture];

in TableViewController on viewWillAppear

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