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message = "this is the message";
key = "the_key";
timestamp = "20130121";
this_id = "13291";

key = Base64.decodeToByteArray(key);
message = this_id + "-" + timestamp;
hmac = Crypto.getHMAC("sha1");
message = Hex.fromArray(hmac.compute(key, Hex.toArray(Hex.fromString(message)))) + "-" + message;
data = Hex.toArray(Hex.fromString(message));
gen_token = Base64.encodeByteArray(data);

I do not know AS but I need to convert the above AS function to PHP. Are there any similar functions in php which is similar to "decodeToByteArray" and "encodeByteArray"? I am only able to do the following.

key = base64_decode(key);
$message = $this_id ."-".$timestamp;
$message = hash_hmac ('sha1', $key , $message) . $message;
$gen_token = base64_encode(key);
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Doing a quick search for some of that actionscript shows that some of it is from the library twitterscript for anyone wondering. –  Qix Jan 21 '13 at 8:45
Also, OP, perhaps you could ask a more specific question instead of asking for us to translate the code for you? –  Qix Jan 21 '13 at 8:46
Why is message overwritten with this_id + '-' + timestamp? That doesn't make any sense. –  Ja͢ck Jan 21 '13 at 8:51
Yeah, just noticed that :) –  Teejay Jan 21 '13 at 8:55

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string **base64_encode** ( string *$data* )


string **base64_decode** ( string *$data* [, bool *$strict = false* ] )


ByteArray (array of 8-bit entities) is, in effect, a string.

So, base64_encode and base64_decode do all what you need.

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Some of the code doesn't make sense, such as this:

message = this_id + "-" + timestamp;

That would overwrite the value of "this is the message".

Also, it seems to generate a keyed hash over just an id and timestamp, leaving the message contents vulnerable to unwanted changes. What would make more sense is that you calculate the keyed hash over this_id, timestamp and message.

$key = base64_decode('value of key expressed in base64 string');
// calculate signature for remote validation
$sig = hmac_hash('sha1', "$this_id-$timestamp-$message", $key);

$gen_token = base64_encode("$sig-$message");
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