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I have the following code in my django project.

ctxt = RequestContext(request, {
    'power': power,
    'attack': attack,
    'defense': defense,

Now I want get this dictionary like below through ctxt

    'power': power,
    'attack': attack,
    'defense': defense,

I tried ctxt.dicts, but this contains too many items. So I see into the source code, and find these code in class RequestContext(Context):

for processor in get_standard_processors() + processors:

which I think bring in the other items.

So how can I get that?

Btw, if you want to know why I want to do this, you can see this question I asked before.

How can I get a rewritten render_to_response to get a json in django with the least changes to the whole project

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ctxt.dict is stack of dictionaries, so you only need to:

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yep, I also find it :) – pktangyue Jan 22 '13 at 3:28

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