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For my Eclipse rcp application I want to use activities to show and hide some views. I read the Eclipse documentation about activities and tried to get a working example based on the 'Using expression-based activities' snippets from the documentation.

In the first step i created a new view and add a placeholder for it in my perspective class:

layout.addPlaceholder(View1.ID, IPageLayout.RIGHT, 0.5f, layout.getEditorArea());

Then i added my activity with a 'enabled when' expression and a binding:

<extension point="org.eclipse.ui.activities">
    <activity id="org.project.activities.activity1" name="myActivity">
           <with variable="org.project.activities.sessionState">
               <equals value="loggedIn"></equals>

In the last step i added my source-provider:

public class ActivitiySourceProvider extends AbstractSourceProvider {
   public static final String SESSION_STATE = "org.project.activities.sessionState";
   private static final String LOGGED_OUT = "loggedOut";
   private static final String LOGGED_IN = "loggedIn";
   private static final String[] SOURCE_NAMES = new String[] { SESSION_STATE };
   private boolean loggedIn = false;

   public Map<String, String> getCurrentState() {
       Map<String, String> map = new HashMap<String, String>(1);
       String value = loggedIn ? LOGGED_IN : LOGGED_OUT;
       map.put(SESSION_STATE, value);
       return map;

   public String[] getProvidedSourceNames() {
       return SOURCE_NAMES;

   public void setLoggedIn() {
       loggedIn = !loggedIn;
       String value = loggedIn ? LOGGED_IN : LOGGED_OUT;
       fireSourceChanged(ISources.WORKBENCH, SESSION_STATE, value);

When I start the test application my view 'View1' is hidden and when I toggle my variable the view is still hidden. To toggle my variable i used a handle and i don't receive any exceptions. I also tried to set my variable to explicit to 'loggedOut' at the application start, but i didn't worked either.

Did I missed something from the documentation?

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Did you register your ActivitySourceProvider as source provider in an extension for extension point org.eclipse.ui.services? Otherwise it won't be used for expression evaluation.

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Yes I did and i tested the source-provider with an 'enabledWhen' expression for a handler and it worked fine. – John Shikaka Jan 21 '13 at 15:39
Another thing that comes to my mind is that your activityPatternBinding has no parameter isEqualityPattern. If not set, it defaults to false, meaning that the pattern is compiled into a regular expression. You probably want to have a direct comparison, i.e. isEqualityPattern should be true. – Tillmann Seidel Jan 22 '13 at 10:57
Hello, i tried it with isEqualityPattern = true but i did not work either. – John Shikaka Jan 23 '13 at 8:43

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