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I am building a Eclipse plug-in project with GEF(The Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework). It's ok that I write a single class for testing with example code I find on the internet,the code is following:

public class Test {
public static void main(String args[]){
    Shell shell = new Shell();;
    Display display = shell.getDisplay();
    LightweightSystem lws = new LightweightSystem(shell);
    IFigure panel = new Figure();
    RectangleFigure node1 = new RectangleFigure();
    RectangleFigure node2 = new RectangleFigure();
    node1.setBounds(new Rectangle(30, 30, 64, 36));
    node2.setBounds(new Rectangle(300, 300, 64, 36));
    PolylineConnection conn = new PolylineConnection();
    conn.setSourceAnchor(new ChopboxAnchor(node1));
    conn.setTargetAnchor(new ChopboxAnchor(node2));
    conn.setTargetDecoration(new PolygonDecoration());
    Label label = new Label("Midpoint");
    label.setBorder(new LineBorder());
    conn.add(label, new MidpointLocator(conn, 0));
    while (!shell.isDisposed ()) { 
        if (!display.readAndDispatch ()) 
           display.sleep (); 


It works.

But,when I try to build figures in a EditorPart(org.eclipse.ui.IEditorPart) instance class,it turns bad and everytime it give me the error code following:

**org.eclipse.e4.core.di.InjectionException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:** org/eclipse/draw2d/LightweightSystem

Its quite strange because when I just write 3 lines at the editor's createPartControl method:

Shell shell = parent.getShell();
Display display = shell.getDisplay();
LightweightSystem lws = new LightweightSystem(shell);

So any body help?

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Are your dependencies set properly? You need to add org.eclipse.draw2d for the LightweightSystem.

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Tks,it caused by the Target Platform.Go to Run Configurations>Plug-ins>Target Platform,add org.eclipse.draw2d – Sam Su Jan 22 '13 at 2:00

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