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I am new to Android. Here, I want to implement Swipe Gesture to navigate between Activities. I have googled it and found different answers in different sites. But I could not get the exact point. By reading all of them I got that we need to implement onTouchEvent() and onFlingEvent().

Are these functions enough to implement the Swipe action? Please specify on How to proceed step wise to implement swipe gesture.

I am sorry if I asked you a very simple question as I have asked this question after a long long try of many code snippets.

Can any one please clear my doubt?

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onTouchEvent is enough. What you want to do is:

  • Create a VelocityTracker and feed it the touch results from the view.
  • When you get a UP event, check what the velocity was. If its more than some threshold amount in the X direction, that counts as a swipe.
  • Start a new activity when you recognize it.

You'll likely have to play with the threshold a bit, otherwise a sloppy tap could be mistaken for a swipe.

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If you want to swipe your view then you should use ViewFlipper You can set a onTouchListener on ViewFlipper. And you can register GestureDetector in onTouchListener. Here is one good example for that Android transitions- slide in and slide out.

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