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I am trying to write a function which removes websites from a piece of text. I have:

removeWebsites<- function(text){
  text = gsub("(http://|https://|www.)[[:alnum:]~!#$%&+-=?,:/;._]*",'',text)

This handles a large set of the problem, but not a popular one, i.e something of the form

I do not wish to add .com at the end of the above regex, as it limits the scope of that regex. However I tried writing some more regexex like:


This worked, but it also modified email ids of the form to abc@. I don't want this, so I modified it to


This left the email ids alone but stopped recognising websites of the form

I understand that I need some sort of a set difference here, of the form of what was explained here but I was not able to implement it (mainly because I was not able to completely understand it). Any idea on how I go about solving my problem?

Edit: I tried negative lookaheads:


I got a 'invalid regex' error. I believe a little help in correcting may get this to work...

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you need perl=TRUE for negative lookahead, but it still won't work. – Matthew Plourde Jan 21 '13 at 9:03
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I can't believe it. There actually is a simple solution to it.

gsub(" ([[:alnum:]~!#$%&+-=?,:/;._]+)((.com)|(.net)|(.org)|(.info))",' ',text)

This works by:

  1. Start with a space.
  2. Put all sorts of things, except an '@' in.
  3. end with a .com/net/org/info/

Please do look into breaking it! I'm sure there will be cases that will break this as well.

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ccTlds (.de, .at, .ch ...) will break it, a simlpe ... \.info|[a-z]{2}) will do – DesertEagle Jan 21 '13 at 12:21
Good one. I was looking at catching the popular ones, but this is a great thing to put in! – jackStinger Jan 21 '13 at 13:05

your lookarounds look a bit funny to me: you cant look behind inside a character class and why are you looking ahead? A look behind is imho more appropriate. I think the following expression should work, although i didn't test it:


also note that lookbehinds must have a fixed length, so no multipliers are allowed

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Error in gsub("((?<!@)[[:alnum:]~!#$%&+-=?,:/;._]).com", "\\1", testset[10], : invalid regular expression '((?<!@)[[:alnum:]~!#$%&+-=?,:/;._]).com' In addition: Warning message: In gsub("((?<!@)[[:alnum:]~!#$%&+-=?,:/;._]).com", "\\1", testset[10], : PCRE pattern compilation error 'nothing to repeat' at '((?<!@)[[:alnum:]~!#$%&+-=?,:/;._]).com' – jackStinger Jan 21 '13 at 10:18

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