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I have a json object like this,

"id" : "123",  
"name" : "aaa",  
"loc" : {  
 "lat" : "",  
 "lon" : ""  

In solr i added a field like

<field name="loc" type="string" indexed="true" stored="true" multiValued="true"/>  

Then i tried adding the json doc to solr
But i couldn't see the 'loc' object being indexed in solr.
Am i doing wrong? Do i need to add anything in schema.xml
Can someone help me out of this pls?

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I afraid you have to flatten the nested object to become something like

loc_lat = value of loc.lat
loc_lon = value of loc.lon

And of course, two new fields to store the data.

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How are you adding your JSON? Because it does not look like the format required by Solr.

You need to conform to that. Also, if those lat/longs are really geographic coordinates, Solr has a dedicated geospatial support. Though you will need to get data into the appropriate shape either on the client side or with something like UpdateRequestProcessor, most likely ConcatFieldUpdateProcessorFactory.

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post to


see http://lucidworks.com/blog/schemaless-solr-part-1/

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