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I have implemented a pie chart on iPhone application by following the Rayenderlich CORE PLOT tutorial for PIE CHART

Here i have some issues,

I need to add another data label (Name of project) on the graph,

I tried with implementing another method like

-(CPTLayer *)dataLabelForPlot:(CPTPlot *)plot recordIndex:(NSUInteger)index 

in CorePlot.h (i found only once in the application) and method definition in my viewcontroller class,

but extra datalabel doesn't displayed yet.

And i need to move the legend table bellow the graph instead of beside the graph i tried with frame and legendDisplacement but no result found

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Data labels are tied to the plot data, one for each slice in a pie chart. In your example image, "Weekly Report" would be the graph title.

graph.title = @"Weekly Report";
CPTMutableTextStyle *textStyle = [CPTMutableTextStyle textStyle];
textStyle.color                = [CPTColor whiteColor];
textStyle.fontName             = @"Helvetica-Bold";
textStyle.fontSize             = 12.0;
graph.titleTextStyle           = textStyle;
graph.titleDisplacement        = 5.0;
graph.titlePlotAreaFrameAnchor = CPTRectAnchorTop;

You can move the legend with the legendAnchor property:

graph.legendAnchor = CPTRectAnchorBottom;

Similar to the titleDisplacement, the legendDisplacement sets the margin between the legend and its anchor point on the graph.

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yes this is the right way to move the legend, but tits frame stick to a particular postion for each legendAnchor. causes it overlaps the grap – user1811427 Jan 21 '13 at 12:43
i want to move the legend entirly bootom 10 pixels fro the graph – user1811427 Jan 21 '13 at 12:44

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