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When i try to run jetty maven plugin(mvn jetty:run) I have received this error:

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Compilation failure

D:\projects\Projekt\src\main\java\[18,22] package org.apache.uima does not exist

This package use class Runner, and it seems that it was not found, how can i add it? I have tried to use <webAppConfig>, but it doesn't help...

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Update2: Uima is now available in a publicly available Maven repo, no need to configure your repository list.

Update: Uima is available on the Apache's m2 You'll need to configure your settings to reference the repository and add the dependency(ies) to your pom.

The dependency for uima-core looks like this:

  <!--note there are several other uima jars you may want to reference-->
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