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I have a regular expression that captures three backreferences though one (the 2nd) may be null.

Given the flowing string:,d.d2k,,,1

I wish to capture the TLD (in this case, q param and cd param.

I'm using the following RegEx:


Which works except the 2nd backreference includes the other parameters upto the cd param, I current get this:

["…,d.d2k,,,1 ", "", "", "1", index: 0, input: "…,d.d2k,,,1"]

The 1st backreference is correct, it's and so is the 3rd; it's 1. I want the 2nd backreference to be either null (or undefined or whatever) or just the q param, in this example It currently includes the source param too (

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

I've added a JSFiddle of the code, look in your browser console for the output, thanks!

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I'd also consider parsing the url:… – Kobi Jan 21 '13 at 9:52
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You want the middle group to be:


This will capture characters other than ampersand. This also allows zero characters, so you can remove the optional group (?).

Working example:

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if negating character classes, i always add a multiplier to the class itself:


i also recoomend not using * or + as they are "greedy", always use *? or +? when you are going to find delimiters inside your string. For more on greedyness check J.F.Friedls Mastering Rgeular Expressions or simply here

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