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I plan to do background service which will make screen flashing/blinking until user touches screen.

I do not know methods how to make screen flashing - only what learned that could be done with brightness and control via spawned activity.

Want to do flashing with color change on screen i.e. black and white or screen on/off to make it more visible than wih brightness.

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From your Service you can interact with the WakeLock:

Acquire the WakeLock with:

PowerManager powerMan = (PowerManager) getSystemService(Context.POWER_SERVICE);
PowerManager.WakeLock wakeLock = powerMan.newWakeLock(
                     PowerManager.SCREEN_DIM_WAKE_LOCK | 
                     PowerManager.ACQUIRE_CAUSES_WAKEUP, "wakelockTag");

Then to turn the screen on:


Then to turn it off again:


And you could put this into a Thread with a sleep or use a Timer to create the flash.

For example:

new Thread() {
            public void run() {
                boolean screenOn = false;
                for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
                    try {
                    } catch (InterruptedException e) {
                    if (screenOn) {
                    } else {

It wouldn't be black/white, just on/off.

If you wanted to go black/white you would have to also disengage the KeyLock (Look up the Android Keyguard), and then push an Activity that was completely Black, then change the Activity to White on a Timer or in a Thread as before. Much more work.

Remember to get permission in the AndroidManifest.xml:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WAKE_LOCK" />

Additional permissions will be required for unlocking the KeyGuard if you go down that route.

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I used this for screen blinking, In this code my relativeLayout (HomeLayout) will blinking.

Animation animation = new AlphaAnimation(1, 0); // Change alpha
// from fully
// visible to
// invisible
animation.setDuration(500); // duration - half a second
animation.setInterpolator(new LinearInterpolator()); // do not alter
// animation
// rate
animation.setRepeatCount(Animation.INFINITE); // Repeat animation
// infinitely
animation.setRepeatMode(Animation.REVERSE); // Reverse animation at

// the
// end so the layout will
// fade back in

Add this code, when you touch the scree or button to clear the animation.

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I will test soon - is it works as overlay mean that some background service could call it to show in frontend? –  Chameleon Jan 21 '13 at 11:21
@Chameleon: i won't call any back ground services at this time, i did to play a tone when the screen is blinking. so change this code as your wish. :) –  Aerrow Jan 21 '13 at 11:25
Mean rather that if it possible to control screen blinking from background service - not know if it possible :) –  Chameleon Jan 21 '13 at 11:31
@Chameleon: Sorry i didn't know about that. In my case this will enough that's why i can't go for that. –  Aerrow Jan 21 '13 at 12:15
Ok I will try your solution looks good - thanks for answers! –  Chameleon Jan 21 '13 at 17:32

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