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See the grey box on this page:

When you hover it it's suppose to flip over and show the other side. It works in Chrome, but for some reason i'm getting a lot of flickering during the animation. I tried fiddling around with the rules and even adding a container around the box, but no success.

I read this question, among others: Why is rotateY (flip) css3 animation flickering in Chrome?

The problem seems to be that elements with backface-visibility: hidden; cannot have backgrounds. So, as a workaround, i thought i could have an element inside .front and .back and give that element a background. That didn't work, still flickered.

Other than that, i'm also not sure why it only works in Chrome/webkit. I do have the necessary prefixes for everything, so it should work, shouldn't it?

Any suggestions?

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The original example is no longer available. – 2C-B Dec 5 '13 at 17:54
@2C-B Ah yes, the site went live. Here you go: – qwerty Dec 6 '13 at 7:23
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Works fine after moving the backface-visibility: hidden; to the .front and .back instead of .card. The flickering disappeared. Now i'll just have to come up with some fallback for non supporting browsers.

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