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I am trying to send KPI data of WSO2 ESB to WSO2 BAM for Analysing that KPI's

Consider in WSo2 ESB handles below message,

<Transport type='KPN'>

As KPI I need to sent the data's


to WSO2 BAM.

  1. Just needed your help in finding examples,for sending KPI's of WSO2 ESB to WSO2 BAM ?
  2. Also If install Mediation Data Agent in WSO2 ESB and do the configuration as mentioned in, http://docs.wso2.org/wiki/display/BAM201/Setting+up+Mediation+Data+Agent

Will I be able to sent the KPI Data from WSO2 ESB to WSO2 BAM?

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You can use BAM Mediator Publisher to publish custom data from ESB. See http://docs.wso2.org/wiki/display/BAM201/Setting+up+BAM+Mediator on how to setup BAM mediator. There you can define properties to be published to BAM within a stream. These properties can be collected from doing XPath on the message.

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Okay,Thank you! I will try this out and keep you posted. – Leo Prince Jan 21 '13 at 12:23

Mediation Data Agent is for collecting statistics related to mediation data in ESB. As chamibuddhika mentioned, you can use BAM mediator which will collect properties from the Messageontext of ESB. And also it captures some other fixed information such as message header/body etc. As an exercise you can try the Activity Monitoring Toolbox with BAM mediator. But the XPath feature mentioned by chamibuddhika is not available in BAM 2.0.1. It will be implemented in future.

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okay,Thank you.I will try this out and keep you posted. – Leo Prince Jan 21 '13 at 12:34

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